Winrar Archiver, A Powerful Tool To Process Rar And Zip Files

Discussion in ‘other anti-virus software’ started by mimuweb, Mar 12, 2011. If it really is a RAR file you cannot get a virus even by extracting the files within it. Before I touch a file which I have acquired via download or via any other method, I manually scan that file with Sophos. I do have real-time scanning, so it is likely overkill, but just want to be sure it gets the green light. I just want to note that if you are scared that you catch a virus because of a .RAR archive you have downloaded, you might wanna stick to macOS.

It is good practice to extract the files into a folder and not across your desktop as many files could be created. WinRAR will compress your file into as many parts as you needed.

  • RAR is from RARLAB, the same developers who developed Winrar which makes this literally the Winrar for Android.
  • Choose your file destination from the left sidebar.
  • You may see an error when saving a CSV file in a language with special characters where the special character (å) within the file changes to a question mark (?) or a blank line .
  • You can also add or remove passwords, edit archives, and create and decompress multi-part archives.

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